We are a family of 5. Mom, Noomi and Dad, Jacob, Lucca, Aston and Celine. We are travelling 3 months in Africa to Mozambique, Zambia and Tanzania. We are spending most of our time in Ndola, Zambia, where Noomi grew up and a couple of good friends from Denmark live permanently.

Noomi and JacobDSC_1000


We want to give our kids an experience of the childhood Noomi has grown up in. It is a country where a big part of the heart is placed both personally as well as professionally for Noomi. Zambia is a second home and a country with many memories of a beautiful childhood.


Lucca, Celine and AstonDSC_0943


How do we communicate with the other kids, when they don’t speak Danish and we don’t speak English? Are there snakes and other dangerous animals? What about mosquitos and malaria?

The questions are many when you are a child travelling to a different continent. Some of the questions may seem small and redundant to an adult, but for the kids they are real and important. They are eager to learn and excited about upcoming adventures.

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