Trip up the Great North Road: Stop 4

Lake Tanganyika, beautiful and warm, lined with sandy beaches and filled with aquarium-fit fish. During the evenings, the lights from the local fishermen dance across the lake and their laughing voices travel through the darkness drawing us, on the beach in front of the campfire, into their lives, however briefly.

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Time spent with good friends:


And just a quick look into our exquisite campfire cooking:

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Trip up the Great North Road: Stop 3

Kapishya Hot Springs, a lovely pool of 40 degrees Celsius warm water that bubbles up from the sandy earth.

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“Aston is breathing deeply. His body tucked deep down into his sleeping bag, the top pulled up over his head so that only his closed eyes are visible. The crickets are singing, the river is rippling over the rocks just outside the tent. I pull my knees up towards my body. The cold is tugging at my toes. Sleep, draw me in.”