Zanzibar: Stone Town

Stone Town is an ancient trade hub of Eastern Africa with beautiful buildings, winding narrow streets, and spice, fish and fruit market.

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Stone Town played a central role in the East African slave trade, which Dr. David Livingstone worked to abolish. After mobilizing the British to stop slavery through Zanzibar, Livingstone started building a church at the slave market before moving on through Africa. He spent his last days in Northern Zambia where he passed away from malaria. The Scottish wanted to bring his body back to Scotland, but the locals believed that he belonged in Zambia. He had lived and died for Africa. The disagreement was resolved when a local cut out his heart, burying it in Zambian soil, and allowing his body to be shipped back to Scotland. A tree was planted over his heart and 30 years later a branch was cut from the tree, from which a cross was carved and sent to Zanzibar where it has been placed in the church Livingstone built. The ancient slave market is full of symbols that remind us of suffering and oppression but also of bravery and great deeds in service of freedom.

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